We are committed to ensuring that the dreams of our youths are realized by making them live without drugs

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According to the World Drug Report, over people or 4.8% of the world population use illicit substances yearly.

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A realized dream ensures the happiness of the individual and the community at large. Your donation will contribute in realizing those dreams and make the community a happy place for all.

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your identification with our goals will help to keep our youths out of drugs. Join the enlightenment team today.

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Individual support helps to kick out human trafficking to the zero limit.

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For every money you drop helps to put a child for learning.

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Greenwealth Community Initiative is a young people-oriented not for profit organization working to engender a positive transformation in the lives of the youth that are living in various Nigerian communities and aims at. readmore

Here are Students Testimonies

Helping studnets and teachers to understand what we face this modern days. We have been able to solve so many issues while visiting schools. This is what students have to say concerning there expirience.

Kate Anachionu

There are no better way to stay away from drug abuse. It destroy life. Thanks to Greenwaealth Community Innitiative for all the informtion given to us on drug abuse.

Chinedu Ikechukwu

I was educated about Human rights violations. It is time we need to speak out and voice our mind to stand our right when will feel something going wrong on us.

Abigael Ajayi

It is very wrong to enslave a child. Greenwealth Community Innitiative has helped us realized that even in our local society there are human trafficking. So lets supports the movement.

Recent from blog

The organization aims to reach the vulnerable groups in High Schools, commercial institutions, sporting and sports viewing centers in the country with various programs.

Educating students on issues about drug abuse.

Lectures to motivate the youth in various communities in Nigeria towards becoming productive individuals.

Using Sports to create awareness on drug abuse.

To promote prevention of substance abuse among the youth in our society.

We support Non-Discrimination

One general principle as identified by the organization on the rights of the child is that all children should enjoy their rights and should never be subjected to any discrimination.

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