About Us


Greenwealth Community Initiative is a young people-oriented not for profit organization working to engender a positive transformation in the lives of the youth that are living in various Nigerian communities and aims at

  1. Enlightenment against illicit drugs
  2. Health (HIV/AIDS)
  3. Human trafficking
  4. Human rights violations
  5. Environmental conservation
  6. General child right issues

Year of operation

Greenwealth Community Initiative was registered under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2010.

Greenwealth Community Initiative aims to establish helpful strategic Interventions that seek to combat the negative effects of the above mentioned vices and scourges affecting the Nigerian Youth today among others. This is done through peer education and sensitization, advocacy and enlightenment programmes, production and distribution of sensitization materials including introduction to skills acquisition and empowerment.

Our Mission

Greenwealth Community Initiative is a young people focused organization targeted at transforming the lives of youthsin Nigerian communities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to contribute to the reduction of drug abuse and related crimes among the youth through advocacy programmes thereby making the youths to realize their dreams and contribute to national development.

Our Strategic Objectives

  1. To promote prevention of drug abuse among the youth in our communities.
  2. To create deliberate awareness of the dangers of drug abuse, human trafficking and related crimes and their effects on the lives of the youth.
  3. To promote behavior change and reduce cases of crime associated with illicit drug abuse.
  4. Organizing and conducting peer education activities thereby providing useful information on how to stay out of illicit drugs and associated crimes.

Aims and Objectives

The organization aims to reach the vulnerable groups in High Schools, commercial institutions, sporting and sports viewing centers in the country with various programs.

The primary programs of the organization include:

  1. Lectures to motivate the youth in various communities in Nigeria towards becoming productive individuals.
  2. Counseling services.
  3. Visiting communities and interact with young vulnerable groups.
  4. Organizing vocational training and employment seminars.
  5. Education and advocacy for youths at risk.

Youth leadership training aimed at building leadership and good governance among the youths in partnership with government agencies, NGOS, interested private individuals and corporate organizations to ameliorate the plight of the vulnerable groups.

In order to achieve our aims and objectives in the area of drug abuse prevention, our major focus has been:

  • • To promote prevention of substance abuse among the youth in our society.
  • • To create deliberate awareness of substance abuse and its destructive effect among the youth.
  • • To promote attitudinal change among the youth in collaboration with corporate bodies, private individuals and religious institutions.
  • • To set in motion an effective mechanism for rehabilitation of those caught by the web of drug abuse.

Our Current Activities

Our current activities are mainly the enlightenment of the youth on the dangers of drug abuse, human trafficking and related crimes.


  1. Ignorance of the fact that drug trafficking is an offence
  2. Financial needs:

  • i. To improve or boost existing business
  • ii. To give their dead a befitting burial
  • iii. To marry
  • iv. To build a house
  • v. To take care of poor relatives
  • vi. Due to unemployment
  • vii. To overcome hardship
  • viii. To further their education
  • ix. To pay medical bills